Numbers and counting themed activities

Around here, math and pre math themed activities tend to be a huge hit with son! He loves most activities that fall within the wide category of math – whether it’s sorting, size discrimination, or utilizing number cards, he’s drawn to these types of learning activities! 

Before children can learn to count, they must learn that each object has it’s own ‘identity’. It’s a good idea to start with basic sorting activities to help them gain this knowledge before moving on to activities that focus on number recognition, learning quantities, and even addition.  

On this page, you will find all sorts of fun, math themed activities to help your little ones learn to count, and to teach them basic math! 

Whenever I present a math themed activity, I do like to keep it fun. I make printables to accompany our math works and to add a new twist on old favourites! Have a look through all of the great math and premath activities that have helped my two year learn his numbers! 

Numbers and recognition works

Numbers and counting themed activities and FREE printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #numbers, #preschoolactivities, #toddleractivities, #freeprintables

1 to 1 correspondence
4th of July Activities
Arctic animal size sorting
Astronomy themed printables and activities
Christmas number cards
Christmas tree counters
Christmas tree counting cards and fine motor activity
Christmas themed pre math
Creepy crawly themed activities (bug and Halloween themed)
DIY Colour activities
Fall themed size sorting
Fall themed math printables and activities
Fall themed shapes printables and counting activities
Farm themed activities and free printables
Forest animal printable pack (including math and premath printables and activities)
Fruit and vegetables printables
Grains and pasta sorting
Halloween themed premath and counting cards
Hibernation unit math works
Indian corn number cards
Match the colours 
Memorial Day Activities and free printables
Montessori inspired math activities 
Nuts and bolts sorting activities and math printables
Pea counters
Pumpkin pie number cards
Pumpkin themed math printables and activities
Sea animal activities
Seashell activities
Snowflake counters
Shape monster
Shapes and colors based activities
Transportation themed math works
Vehicle theme (Montessori inspired)
Under the sea themed felt board

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