Mini space unit

I mentioned in my Tot School Curriculum post that I am planning on increasing the quantity of science based works that I present for my son. As part of my research for age appropriate science activities for two year olds, I actually realised something - I actually do provide science activities for my toddler! Units [...]

Art activities for toddlers: a simple invitation to draw

I frequently find myself struggling with providing art activities for my son. Finding appropriate art activities for toddlers can be tough. I don't provide opportunities, supplies, and I am not creative with it myself. Want to know what makes it just a little bit worse? I love to draw.  Here's the our previous home, I [...]

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Montessori Inspired Tot School ‘Curriculum’ [scope and sequence] 2014-2015

Okay, so this isn't really a curriculum, let's just get that out of the way in the beginning. Really, this is a list of goals, ideas, and semi plans for the upcoming tot school year. One more disclaimer before we get to my long lists - these plans are designed specifically for my son who [...]

Fruit tot school unit

Before we get to the activities, I have an announcement! I've created a Welcome to Mommyhood facebook page! I'm keeping it homeschool/tot school related at the moment, so if you're in the mood for some fun Montessori ideas, be sure to checkout my new facebook page! It's been a busy school week! After last week's [...]

Fruit and vegetable Montessori Printables

Happy Friday! Normally I'd be sharing a load of photos relating to Montessori Toddler activities. Today, it's a little different because I'm keeping it short and sweet, but it's more of a here's what we've been up to post. I'm still going to be sharing our week, and some fun fruit and veg printables! See:  [...]