Art activities for toddlers: a simple invitation to draw

I frequently find myself struggling with providing art activities for my son. Finding appropriate art activities for toddlers can be tough. I don’t provide opportunities, supplies, and I am not creative with it myself. Want to know what makes it just a little bit worse? I love to draw. 
Art activities for toddlers: a simple invitation to draw {Welcome to Mommyhood} #ArtActivitiesForToddlers

Here’s the thing…in our previous home, I consciously attempted to create invitations to draw, create, and be expressive by putting simple art supplies in the shelves of our coffee table. My son would, as early as 14 months, walk up to his supplies, grab a piece of paper, some stickers and crayons and would create beautiful master pieces. 
When we moved in with my in laws, our convenient coffee table went into storage, and now I try to avoid our clutter and mess and to be aware of keeping their home tidy. Sadly, I still haven’t gotten into the habit of providing these supplies to my son during the day. I think about it, scour pinterest for arts and crafts ideas, and get a little overwhelmed seeing all of the beautiful ideas all those crafty mamas are coming up with! 
Recently our neighbours children started stopping by throughout the day, and have even started participating in ‘Tot School’. They love to draw, and actually asked me for crayons and paper. 
Art activities for toddlers: a simple invitation to draw {Welcome to Mommyhood} #ArtActivitiesForToddlers
So, I got out my supplies:
  • a roll of paper (thanks Ikea!)
  • some colored pencils
  • some kids

and laid out the roll and colored pencils on the floor. The kids came on their own. I don’t know if it was because these lovely girls were there right with him or if he just loved to draw, but my son was busy coloring away for about half an hour. That is a really long time for a not even two year old!

Arts and crafts for kids: don’t forget to keep things simple

So I realised that although I spend a lot of time thinking up new activities, researching and planning our school works, kids like simple, too! My son loved it, and I’m definitely going to be doing things like this more often. 

If you find yourself struggling to incorporate arts and crafts in your homeschool, preschool, or tot school activities, I find that going back to the basics has really helped me. A simple piece of paper and some simple supplies can be a great way to get little minds exploring and expressing themselves. Besides, maybe it’s not necessary to always stimulate or prompt my son’s art? 

If I just let him have a go at it, maybe he can express his creativity more? I have noticed that my son prefers it when I present art supplies to him rather than present a specific craft for us to make. 

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