Creepy Crawly Unit: Montessori inspired bug activities

This week, I created several bug activities for toddlers (or pres-schoolers). I have to admit that bugs, spiders, and generally 'icky' things are not my favourite. I used to have an unbelievable fear of spiders that usually involved screaming and then running away into another room because it could eat me. Ahhem, while I no longer am scared [...]

Nature table and homemade play dough – how we spent some quality time together

When I wrote my Scope and Sequence for this year, one of the biggest goals I had made for myself was to slow WAY down. The reason I started doing tot school with my son was to spend 1 on 1 time with him, but as we progressed with school I noticed I was spending [...]

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Fall activities for toddlers

I love fall. A lot. That means that I am just a little bit obsessed with coming up with fall activities for toddlers. It's always been such an exciting time - I love seeing all of the beautiful colours as the leaves change, I love that it's cooling down, and I can feel the excitement [...]

Farm activities for toddlers

This week was really busy for us, and the birthday themed printables I was hoping to make didn't get done. Instead, I returned to a theme I knew my kiddo would love: farm activities. I printed off a stash of printables I had previously made (available for free to download at the end of this [...]