Turkey coloring cards and color activities for Toddlers

First things first: Happy Halloween everyone! We don't have it here in the Netherlands, but I have definitely enjoyed putting together our Halloween inspired shelves! I will be writing later in the month about what we have instead here in the Netherlands. Today, however, I am sharing a few simple Thanksgiving inspired color activities for [...]

Thanksgiving activities: Free prepositions cards

As I promised on Tuesday, today is the first of many Thanksgiving activities and holiday themed freebies for the upcoming three weeks! Today, I'm sharing Turkey Themed preposition cards!  These fun cards were inspired by the Pumpkin printable pack I had put together recently. I had included opposite matching cards, and a few of them were [...]

Forest animals printable pack

I've been working on a lot of printables lately. A lot, a lot. Mr. Toddler has been progressing so much and so quickly that I can hardly keep up with him! We're also embarking on a new journey for us - he's asking to learn his letters. We've been working on letter recognition somewhat sporadically, [...]

Halloween activities & Free printables

Looking for some last minute Halloween activities for toddlers or pre-schoolers? Today, I'm sharing loads of Halloween inspired activities for tots, including not one, but two large and free printable packs for kids! Halloween Activities Arts and crafts For our arts and crafts, we made a ghost! I do like to keep our activities and themes [...]

Pumpkin activities for toddlers

Happy Friday folks! I'm really excited to share with you a mini unit this week! I focus on pumpkin activities for toddlers and share a bunch of free printables at the end of this post! As always, they're all available in both English and Russian.  This post may contain affiliate links Pumpkin activities for toddlers [...]

Fall Activities for Toddlers

In this post, I'm sharing two very simple fall activities for toddlers with an emphasis on nature. I've been putting in quite the effort lately into presenting works that have a nature component. Whether it's exploring leaves, twigs, etc on a nature table, or exploring different types of foods and produce. We've been having a great [...]

Grains, pasta, beans and more! Free printables!

I realised recently that Mr. Toddler doesn't distinguish between different kinds of pastas, grains, etc. Everything is lumped together as 'pasteeeee'. So I decided to make some 3 part cards containing all sorts of dried foods to teach him the proper names.  I even learned that there is a ridiculously large variety of types of [...]

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