6 Snowflake letter recognition activities

Mr. Toddler has been really enjoying working on his letters. His knowledge of the alphabet is progressing slowly, which in all honesty, I found totally amazing at 2 years old. Here are 6 ideas for fun ways to work on letter recognition with your toddlers, including free printables at the end of the post available in [...]

Christmas Tree Counters and clip cards

I know, I know, Christmas evvverrrything! This is really going to be the last Christmas related tot-school post I'll be sharing this year! I promise, but...I have a confession to make. I kind of love putting together my son's trays. Like a lot. And you know what else is equally as fun? Finding (inexpensive) manipulatives that [...]

A few more Christmas themed shelves

I know, I know, it's almost Christmas! Just a few days left! I hope you're all having a lovely time preparing (not too much stress and all). I have been slacking a bit on showing you guys everything on our shelves lately. This week, I put up the last of our holiday themed works together. [...]

Christmas Tree Number Cards

I mentioned last week that my husband and I are forgoing gifts this holiday season. Not bothering with presents has certainly opened up some more time for other fun things (like working on our house), but really also actually fun thing things like holiday filled activities to do with our toddler as well as holiday-themed trays [...]

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Hanukkah cutting printables

Have I mentioned a million times before how my son adores practicing with his sciscors? Oh yes, well, here's another cutting practice printable that he's been loving!  For those of you celebrating, Happy Hannukah! Or Chanukkah! Or however you spell it, I hope everyone has a lovely celebration, eat loads of latkes, and enjoy your [...]

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Hanukkah play dough mat

I've been so busy making countless activities for our Christmas/New Year/Saint Nicholas' Day shelves, that I've really been neglecting our Hannukah shelves and activities. And then I realised, it starts on Tuesday. It's definitely time to get some blue and white on our shelves (conveniently, with that theme, I got to carry over some trays [...]

Arctic activities and free printables

Today, I am sharing a bunch of preschool activities. A lot of photos, a lot of free printables, and a lot of fun! I feel like I have been majorly slacking on sharing the loads of printables that I've been making with you guys. And by loads, I mean about 20 different word documents filled [...]

Christmas Tracing Printables

My son has been absolutely obsessed with using scissors lately. Not only has he been asking to practice every single day, but he actually sits down to do so and keeps busy for approximately hour-long intervals! A toddler - sitting still for an hour?! Yes, it happened. With Christmas and all of those wonderful holidays in December coming [...]

Christmas Tree Printables

Today, I am really excited to share some very simple, educational Christmas activities for kids! Since the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and all Thanksgiving related activities on our shelves, I seem to have gotten off track in terms our tot school activities and organisation. Last week, I really struggled to sit down, get organised, and [...]