Free Printables: Valentine’s Day Number Matching

Want in on a secret? I'm just not that into Valentine's Day. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary exactly one week after Valentine's and the former has just slipped away from our radars. Sometimes we get cards for each other. Really it's just not a big deal to us. And it isn't a big [...]

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Winter Activities for Kids: Premath and prewriting practice

Today, I am sharing a very simple and fun way to work on writing, math, and more with your toddlers and preschoolers!  I have been meaning to present a salt tray to Mr. Toddler for quite some time, but I always forget to buy the cheapo ground salt at the grocery store. However, we have [...]

Winter Activities: Free Snowman Shapes Printables

So we live in the Netherlands. And it rains here. I frequently complain about the weather, but here's a silly weather story that inspired me to make a few homeschool trays. Around Christmas, the entire country (as tiny as it is) was covered in snow.Except for our teeny, tiny region. Everywhere to the south had [...]

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Winter activities for kids: counting practice

We have been loving working with clothespins around here lately! They're a really easy way to work on some essential fine motor skills (pincer grasp) as well as practical life activities. I found a few decorative packs of mini clothespins - the type you can use to hang Christmas cards, and they've been a huge [...]

Winter Activities for Kids: January practical life/fine motor trays

Mr. Toddler adores practical life or fine motor works. He loves being able to do. I have to admit that our works haven't been rotated as much as he needs lately and he's been asking every day to go work. 'New works, mama? Let's go work!'  I spent quite some time during my short break [...]