So we live in the Netherlands. And it rains here. I frequently complain about the weather, but here’s a silly weather story that inspired me to make a few homeschool trays. Around Christmas, the entire country (as tiny as it is) was covered in snow.Except for our teeny, tiny region. Everywhere to the south had snow. To the north? Yep, snow! To the East? Oh yes, snow! To the west? Well, that’s the sea, but you get the idea. It somehow seems that our tiny region was the only exception to the all of that pretty snow that the other Dutch folks were enjoying (or battling) during the holidays.

A wet and rainy Christmas is what we got. And you know what was kind of funny and cute about it? The fact that we didn’t have snow was a news story! There are no reports of murders, crime rates, robberies to made here. What is considered newsworthy is a film of a little boy sitting on a sled in his backyard, looking at the sky, waiting for snow.

All in all, I am really happy that we haven’t had any snow so far because our roof is still not done on our fixer-upper home. After the roof is completely done and watertight, I guess a bit of snow wouldn’t hurt, but for now, Mr. Toddler has been enjoying his snow themed toddler trays instead!

Winter activities for kids: Snowman shape matching

Even though we haven’t had any real snow yet, we have spent some time learning about winter, seasons, and the weather. To add a fun component to one of our math trays, I made some Snowman shape matching printables that you download for free at the end of this post!
Free Snowman Shape Printables
Mr. Toddler has been enjoying learning about shapes lately! I made a very simple printable that focused on two important math concepts!
  • Shape matching
  • Size sorting

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Mr. Toddler had to match our snowman shapes to each other, placing the shapes in order from smallest to largest (or vice versa) to make a snowman!

He had loads of fun exploring and learning about math concepts in a fun, toddler approved way!

Free Snowman Shape Printables

I included several shapes in the printable pack:

  •  Triangles
  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Parallelograms
  • Trapezoids
Free Snowman Shape Printables


Download Your Free Snowman Shapes Printable

Download Printables long

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I hope you have a wonderful day!