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Winter weather still seems to be in full swing for a lot of you folks. We still haven’t had any snow, and I’m starting to think my son won’t see it in real life this year. 

For some of our last winter themed trays, I created some winter themed cards for him! I used images of snow, and winter themed landscapes. He found the cards themselves quite fascinating, and also got to learn about winter given that the seasons in the Netherlands are limited to the ‘rainy season’ (fall, winter, spring) and 1 day of summer. 

Winter image cards for toddlers

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Not only do these cards contain beautiful winter imagery, they also do serve an educational purpose. I printed the pack two times for my son, and asked him to match each of the cards. 
By presenting this work in such a way for younger toddlers, you are allowing them to gain pre-reading practice. Matching items is also a great way to practice early math skills! All in all, this work is not only lovely to look at, but is also very educational! 


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