March practical life and fine motor activities

I am so, so excited to be sharing some wonderful activities with you today! These are a compilation of just some of the March themed fun we've been having the last week or so as Mr. Toddler works on his practical life skills, his fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination!  There are so many [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day Cutting Practice

My son is obsessed with scissors. Do I say that every single time I share a cutting practice work? Yes, yes I do because the scissors obsession is still going full force.  In all honesty, Mr. Toddler's love of sharp, shiny things kind of totally frightens me. That is why we have been focusing so much on practical life skills pertaining [...]

Thank you and Life update

Today is definitely going to be a different kind of post. Instead of a sharing a recipe, sharing a toddler activity, or a meal plan, I'm going to get personal.  I like to keep things real every now and again and to share a bit of myself, instead of just chatting about food, as interesting [...]

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Valentine’s Day Activities Round up

Today, I am so excited to share with you guys some lovely Montessori inspired Valentine's day ideas! Here are some last minute activities you can definitely do with your little ones as you celebrate Valentine's Day today!  Valentine's Day Inspired Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers Flowers 3 part cards Healthy snacks for kids (toddlers in [...]

Africa themed prereading cards

Confession time: I'm a total geek and am having far too much fun putting together Mr. Toddler's Africa themed trays. Second confession: because I am such a geek and am loving reading all about Africa, I am significantly behind schedule with getting these works printed and up on the shelves.  So! I sincerely apologise to [...]

Valentine’s Day Practical Life Activities for Toddlers

Valentine's Day is approaching soon! It's really a holiday that my husband and I rarely celebrate (our anniversary is exactly 1 week after Valentine's Day), but I did think it would be fun for Mr. Toddler to set up a few Valentine's Day inspired works on our shelves!  Here is a compilation of several, easy [...]

Flowers 3 part cards

With Valentine's Day approaching soon and with spring hopefully(!) just around the corner, I am very excited to share a new freebie with you guys! Here is a printable pack that I had a lot of fun putting together - flower 3 part cards!  Putting together these cards reminded me how excited I am for [...]

Healthy snacks for kids: Heart ‘Cookies’ for Valentine’s Day

Making sure Mr. Toddler is getting healthy meals and snacks is very important to me and my husband. However, when holidays and special occasions roll around, I do think it's fun to let Mr. Toddler try new or holiday themed foods. Today I am sharing a simple recipe for a healthy snack that your kids [...]

Valentine’s Day Activities: Number Cards

With Valentine's Day approaching, Mr. Toddler and have definitely been using this time to practice counting. He's actually quite intrigued by hearts - probably a result of us spending so much time working on shapes while our winter shelves were out!  To help solidify Mr. Toddler's knowledge of numbers (1-5), I came up with a [...]

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