Beautiful places in the United States Cards

Today is another day of freebies on the blog! I have another gorgeous set of pre-reading cards to share with all you! I have really been a busy bee when it comes to printable making and am slowly sharing with you all of the fun activities we have been using to keep active when it comes to learning at home! I am sharing our Beautiful Places in the United States Cards.

Montessori inspired Beautiful places in the United States cards #montessoriprintables #montessori #montessoriactivities

Beautiful Places in the USA Cards


3+ (or younger depending on the child)


Y has been very curious lately! It’s a wonderful phase of toddler-hood where he is inquisitive about everything and asks me ‘what is that?’ at least 300 times a day. And no, I am not exaggerating! Noises, movements, seemingly random items all catch his attention as he explores and tries to understand what they are or why they are like that.

I love watching his face as he studies items such as these beautiful cards! I love watching him as he thinks about the images represented and asks me about the items he sees. That is why I have been on a printable making splurge lately!

So today, I am sharing an amazing set cards consisting of beautiful places in the United States of America!

How to use

You can present these cards for your child to explore. You can explain what they see. Describe what each image represents. These cards are perfect for introducing learning activities about the United States of America to your child and students.

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