Tree painting

Today I am sharing my second post for the 2015 Paintathon! With the seasons getting ready to change, and fall colours just starting to make their appearance on the leaves here, I wanted to set up a fun invitation to explore warm colours in our painting.  I created a simple tree printable for Y to explore. [...]

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August practical life activities

Y loves hands on works. He is always looking to tinker, explore, and get his little fingers working. That is why practical life based works, as well as trays that focus on building fine motor skills are very important when I am planning Y's trays. Today, I am sharing the types of practical life works [...]

Transportation themed toddler shelves

Y adores cars, trucks, planes, and basically anything that moves! Now that I am back home and am getting back to presenting shelf work for him, I knew the first 'unit' I wanted to get done was a transportation theme. Today, I am sharing all of the fun learning activities he has been working on [...]