Mega transportation printable pack in English and Russian

I am so excited to share a new printable pack I worked very hard to create! Y loves anything transportation themed – cars, ships, trucks, anything that moves is bound to grab his attention! Y loves playing with his cars, disassembling his cars, and attempting to put them together again. 

Now that I am back home, I have been very anxious to get new works on our shelves instead of merely working on occasional works in between physical therapy appointments. Today, I am sharing the printables I used to create our first unit theme at home! Y has been loving these printables and the hands on activities we have been working on! 

Today, you can download the printables, but be sure to stay tuned to see all of the hands on activities that we have done with these printables! 

Mega transportation printable pack by Welcome to Mommyhood includes over 40+ pages of activities! You can use these to work on math concepts, letter recognition, language building, and more! #printables, #montessori

This printable pack includes over 40 pages of amazing activities!  

  • Transportation nomenclature cards 
  • Land, air, water sorting cards 
  • Shadow matching
  • Beginning sound matching  
  • Vehicle matching puzzles 
  • Shape matching
  • Cutting practice
  • Which one is different strips
  • Number cards
  • Size sequencing 
  • Sorting mat 
  • Coloring cards

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