Pumpkin cutting printables

Y is still absolutely loving using his scissors! The kiddo can sit for half an hour cutting up strips of scrap paper, the cutting strips I make, tissue paper, etc. I love seeing the concentration on his face as he practices!  Today, I am sharing some fun pumpkin themed cutting strips, inspired by the season!  Free [...]

20+ Montessori inspired animal activities and printables

Y loves animals! Like a lot of kiddos, he's interested in seeing the different types there are, learning about the sounds they make, and more! Here is a collection of the fun we have had learning about animals so far! There are tons of printables, hands on activities, and learning trays for toddlers and preschoolers!  [...]

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Owl shape matching

Y loves shapes and counting. The frequently tells me that he sees a parallelogram (a difficult word for a 3 year old!) or that something is a triangle. He's not always correct, but he gets it right most of the time.I really love seeing Y's interest in shapes and try to give him more opportunities to [...]

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Free transportation number cards

Y is totally obsessed with all things transportation! I can't help but add new transportation or vehicle themed activities to our shelves constantly. These types of works are such an easy way to spark his interest in practicing various skills repeatedly.  Using objects, images, manipulatives, etc that kids have a particular interest in is a [...]

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Apple themed play dough round up

Fall is the perfect time to learn all about apples! Today, I am sharing a roundup of some fabulous ideas for apple play dough fun!  Play dough is such a fabulous way for kids to work on fine motor skills, practical life skills, creativity, pre-writing practice, as well as just strengthening the muscles in their [...]

Bringing nature into (fall themed) homeschool activities

I love fall. There's just something about the changing of the seasons, the beautiful colours, tea, scarves and pumpkin pie spice that just makes me feel cozy and warm.  When it comes to our homeschool lessons, I jump on any opportunity to bring in the beauty of autumn into our lessons. There are so many [...]

Fall themed shades of colors cards

Fall is a great time to learn about colours and shades! This season is filled with so many beautiful shades of reds, oranges, yellows, etc. I love watching the leaves change colour.  Today's freebie is a lovely fall inspired color gradient printable.  The idea here is very simple - your child can lay out the [...]

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