Avoiding plastic for meal time with kids

I am so excited to share with a peak into some of my favourite items for my son’s meals! Bowls, plates, containers for on the go and more! 

When it comes to our son, the Hubby and I really try to avoid plastics. We choose to go for quality materials that are durable and safe for him. Recently, I swapped out all of the remaining plastics bowls and plates we occasionally used for him. Y now only has bamboo, stainless steel, and whatever ‘normal’ plates we use for ourselves. 

Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle
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I do have one note – we waited to buy bamboo plates until Y no longer dropped things from his high chair as much because these can break. The items I include in this round up are a bit pricier than ‘normal’, plastic materials. For us, we started by swapping out plastic for stainless steal and then after I was fairly confident that bamboo plates would survive in our home, I finalllllyy purchased some items. 

We picked out a few, high quality items that seemed particularly useful and practical for our family. I am so happy them and want to share the items that we have been loving, as well as a few items on my ‘to buy’ list! 

Psst! Christmas is coming up, and these would make fabulous gifts! 


Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle

We love our Klean Kanteen cup! It has a cover for the part that the child drinks from. I like that this prevents leaks, but also keeps the drink part a bit hygienically clean. All parts are also dishwasher safe! You can also swap the ‘sippy cup’ top for a different one as your child gets older. 

These silicone straws make sipping on water, smoothies, milk or what have you just a tad more fun! They’re colourful and can be taken apart for easy cleaning! 

These stainless steel straws are also non-plastic and reusable! 

This stainless steel cup has handles for younger babes! Perfect for snack time or even a soup! 

A glass bottle is something on my list of future purchases. There are protective layers around the glass itself and it should be okay. 

Another great stainless steel option! 


Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle

I love our Biobu bamboo plates. We recently purchased this set in lime green and it’s wonderful! I love that the plate is not completely flat, but has a higher edge. This makes scooping a lot easier for kids that are just starting to use utensils! 

I simply love these colorful stainless steel bowls! These bowls are so useful for serving snacks or small portions. Stainless steel is a great option for snack time because it won’t break like bamboo or glass or ceramic can. Also, the colours are so bright and fun!  

This bambu bowl is perfect for little ones! 

A stainless steel tray is also very easy and can handle a fall or ten! 

This car tray is just too cute! This set comes with a cup, silverware, and a lid for the tray! 

Eco Bamboo has adorable animal themed sets! I love this whale theme! 

If the animal theme above is a bit too much, checkout this too cute bunny plate

On the go 

Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle

These round, mini containers are made from stainless steel and are great for taking snacks on the go! 

These pouches are so fun! They are dishwasher safe and are fabulous for on the go!

We simply adore our Lunch Bots container! The great thing is that there are so many different types of options for these! From 1 open lunchbox to 5 or 6, these are durable, easy to use lunch boxes. Again, they are also dishwasher friendly!

Another lovely lunch bots option!
Need to keep something warm? How about this Lunch Bots thermos? It’s available in so many fun colours, too! 

In the fridge

Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle

I really like to use glass containers like this glass jar with a lid for storing leftovers. What I love about this one s that the lid is not plastic. I prefer not to use these during meals but only for leftovers. Y still occasionally drops things. 

These glass containersdo have a plastic lid but these are freezer and microwave safe. 


Avoiding plastics during meal time for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #naturalliving, #mealtime, #healthylifestyle
Bamboo utensils are a great option! Y loves using his!

I just can’t even handle how adorable this wooden animal cutlery set is! 
Another lovely bamboo utensil set with a to go pouch!

We have a similar stainless steel silverware set. Ours was a gift and has Y’s name and date of birth engraved on it, alongside a giraffe. I love the quality as well as how beautiful each item is. Very practical as well. Of course, use caution if you give your child/tot a knife šŸ˜‰ 

Just for fun

I’m not one for getting too fancy with food designs, but on special occasions, I will use items like this vegetable cutter to give our meals a little flare! 

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