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It’s a different type of post today! I’m sharing an emotional, unbelievable story! 

For those of you that may be relatively new to my blog – let’s start with a bit of background. About a year and a half ago, my hubby and I started fixing up a house. We’ve had a ton of set backs with the construction process, but it’s come a long way. 

The thing is, the house was crocked. The husband made it straight. I didn’t really know that that was possible, but apparently, it is. During this time, we learned that my husband’s father was terminally ill. In August 2015, he passed away from lung cancer. 

During the construction time, I also suffered a serious injury while we were working at the house. This left me with a spinal cord injury and permanently using a wheelchair. 

To say that 2015 was a rough year is really an understatement. However, it ended on a positive note, with the help of amazing friends. 

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Here in the Netherlands, there’s a TV show called Staatsloterij Puur Geluk. It’s a ‘feel good show’, where unsuspecting folks get a surprise, a gift, or something generally fun happens to them. You can’t write in or nominate others for it – they’re kind of ‘creepsters’ and search facebook/other social media for people they can help. 

A few weeks ago, a friend of my husband and me said that she had won some tickets to a TV show at work. She didn’t know what show it was, but wanted to take my husband and I. I thought it would be a fun day trip because it meant we got to go to Amsterdam and get out and about. We had no idea that we weren’t really going there to sit in the audience. 

During filming, we got to sit in the front row. I figured it was because I have to use a wheelchair. During the middle of the show though, I noticed that one of the sound men holding a microphone sat down in front of us on the stage. Okay, that’s weird. He was just sitting there, not holding the thing up so it was quite unusual. The host was talking to a man sitting just a few rows behind us in the audience. I figured that was why. 

His garage had been broken into and his tools had been stolen. The the show was giving him a bunch of new tools for his garage! It was a huge gift really. 

Suddenly, the host says, ‘But this isn’t the only person in our audience that likes to fix things’ (Dit is niet de einige man hier wie kan klussen). Or something like that as my Dutch isn’t perfect. 

Strange. My husband likes to fix things up. Why is the host of the show so close to us though???? 

And then the hostess is standing directly in front of us! On the screen in front, we see a facebook status that our friend had written! At this point, I’m trying so hard not to cry. And failing. I’m crying, and sniffling. My girlfriend is doing the same. My husband – absolutely mortified to have a microphone in his face. He didn’t want to be on TV. Too late. We’re on TV.  

Here’s some background, a while back, our friend had written something about my husband helping hers out with a project at their house, while we could use so much help ourselves. Because our house looks a lot like this still: 

House tour

I’m not sure of the details exactly as those are intended to be hush hush of course, but someone from the show saw this post and got in touch with our friends and some plotting happened. 

We were asked a few questions about our story, what had happened to my husband’s father, and what happened to me. A few tear jerker moments. For me, it was a bit of a strange moment as everything felt so quiet. The hostess, Nance, asked my husband about his father. He said he had passed, and I could hear the audience gasp. When I said I can’t walk anymore and there’s no possibility for a recovery, the audience gasped again. It felt so loud. I’m sure it wasn’t in reality. Just those 3 minutes felt so long! 

They said the show will be giving us an incredible gift! 

They’re going to help us finish off the house! Now, they aren’t just coming in and finishing it off – my husband would particularly hate that. He wants to be able to keep in control of the project so the wonderful folks at the show are arranging for several companies to work with us for a given amount of hours as well as construction materials up to a specific amount of money and then a discounted price after that. 

It’s amazingly generous. We didn’t want to accept very much help with the house and felt the need to do it ourselves. I can’t tell you how grateful we are, how touched we are – there aren’t enough words to express how truly unbelievable this is, not only the gift from the show, but the amount of trouble our friends went through to help arrange this for us. 

Because of my accident, we’ve had to change so many aspects of the plans, use up the budget on things like an elevator, accommodated bathrooms, a kitchen I can use, etc. 

It’s been so stressful, and with all of the very horrible things that 2015 brought, we were so far behind on our plans for it. My husband is also the one that was doing the work. Aside from occasional help from friends, he was the one installing, fixing, working everyday at the house after work, and then every weekend. 

That we can have a company come in there and help is just incredible! I can’t believe it! We could see an end to this construction project and just finally focus on moving on with our lives! 

Even though the past year was incredibly tough, we have truly learned to appreciate what really matters in life – the beautiful people in our lives, the relationships we have, family, faith, there are just so many things to be grateful for! 

If you live in the Netherlands, you may have seeb us on the Staatsloterij Puur Geluk for about 3 minutes! You can learn more about the show over at Staatsloterij Puur Geluk. It’s in Dutch though so you might want to use Google Translate. 

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