Father’s Day Counting Cards Freebie

Father's Day Number Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #fathersday, #fathersdayactivitiesforkids
Father’s Day is approaching so soon! Of course, I’m a sucker for a theme and just had to add a few fun Father’s Day inspired activities to our shelves! Today, I’m sharing a free numbers themed printable set for you! 

I created these printables with a fun necktie theme for Daddy! The printables are so cute and definitely intrigued Y to see all of the fun colours on the cards! 

Father's Day Number Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #fathersday, #fathersdayactivitiesforkids


This printable set includes both number symbol cards and images containing the number quantity. When presenting the cards, I simply used a small tray and made two stacks – one with the symbols and one with the images. 

You can also place the cards in bowls/plates to prevent them from moving around. Because this tray is smaller, I didn’t need to do that. 

Father's Day Number Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #fathersday, #fathersdayactivitiesforkids

How to use them 

Idea 1
How we always start out is using both the image cards and number symbols. Y then places the number symbols in order and then places the images with the number quantities underneath them. 
This is a pretty simple idea, but is very effective for reinforcing number order and number quantities. 
Y is 3 years old (almost 4) and is doing pretty well with counting. He counts very well in Russian and right now, we are working on learning numbers 0-9 in English. 
Father's Day Number Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #fathersday, #fathersdayactivitiesforkids
Idea 2
Another way you can use these cards and add some gross motor fun is to select only the number symbols. Have your child lay them out in number order on the floor. Then call out a number, and ask your child to jump, run to, skip to, etc the correct number symbol. 
Idea 3

Ask your child to lay out the number symbols in order from 0-9. Then, have them layout the corresponding quantity of a manipulative underneath each number. 
Idea 4

Ask your child to place the numbers in order from largest to smallest. 
Idea 5

You can use these cards to practice skip counting or odd and even! Simply ask your child to lay out only the odd number symbols and images, or the even ones! Or practice skip counting by using the images to count by 2s, 3s, etc. 
Father's Day Number Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood #fathersday, #fathersdayactivitiesforkids

Download your own free Father’s Day Numbers Cards! 

Looking for more? 

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