Watermelon cutting strips

One of our favourite foods during the summer is watermelon! Y just loves it so much. One of my favourite ways to add some fun to our trays and activities is simply to add something relevant to our lives. Of course, with summer on my mind, I created a few fun summer activities for our shelves! 

One of those activities, I am sharing today, featuring our free watermelon cutting strips! You can download these at the end of this post! 

Summer activities for kids: free watermelon cutting strips #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #summeractivities

Why do we use these? 

  • Practice for writing later. Huh? How? Well, like many practical life and fine motor activities, using scissors strengthens important muscles in children’s hands. When we use scissors, we are training muscles in our thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers. 
  • Concentration and focus: Aside from strengthening muscles, we are also training these fingers to work together. This requires a great deal of concentration, practice, and patience for children. These are very important qualities that we try to teach our son!
  • Improves grasp for tasks such as tooth brushing, painting, writing. 
  • Fine motor skills development 
  • Preparation for school 
  • Encourages independence and confidence 
  • It’s fun! If your kiddo is using scissors, this opens up a whole new world of craft projects! And that’s just fun! 


Summer activities for kids: free watermelon cutting strips #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #summeractivities

The tray after completing the work – neatly put back onto the shelf. 

Summer activities for kids: free watermelon cutting strips #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #summeractivities

You could also ask your child to place the paper into a recycling container! 


For us, I keep the papers and create an extension for it. Y can then create a craft using glue!

Summer activities for kids: free watermelon cutting strips #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #homeschool, #summeractivities

After gluing the pieces onto the paper, we love to display Y’s artwork! 

By this point, Y can really cut papers and glue quite well. I still provide these types of works for a few reasons. Aside from Y enjoying them very much, I love the concentration and creativity they encourage.

Additionally, these are really important skills for kids to learn that I fear may at times be overlooked as we focus on other ‘bigger’ skills like reading, writing, and academics. Gluing and cutting is not only so much fun, but also really important for children’s development, too! 

Download now

Summer activities: Watermelon cutting strips

Watermelon cutting strips printables

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