Famous paintings cards

As promised during our Art curriculum planning post for this year, we are working on a new set of art themed activities! I'm so excited to start teaching Y about different forms of art, artists, paintings, and so much more!  Actually, putting these activities and printables together has made me realise another reason why I feel so [...]

Apple Number Clip Cards

Hey guys! Summer is officially over here in the Netherlands. Today, was the first day the kids head back to school. For our homeschool activities, we're getting back into the full swing of things, too.  The only 'problem' we have is that Daddy is off of work. Last week, we took his first week of [...]

Baby Gender Reveal

Psst!!! I know I'm a tad bit behind in my pregnancy updates, I do want to update you guys on something fun and pregnancy related - the sex of our baby!  It's a...  We are so excited to say that baby number two is a girl! I've been having so much fun picking out little [...]

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Baby Essentials Guide for minimalists

I'm so excited that we're getting closer and closer to baby number two to get here! As we get ready for baby to arrive, I'm realising how much more confident I feel in my choices with this baby than I was for Y, and also how much less stuff we are going to buy and [...]

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15 healthy pancake recipes

With back to school approaching quickly, I've started planning some healthy breakfast recipes. One of my favourite breakfasts on busy days consists of pancakes and a portion of fruits on the side. Pancakes are really a versatile breakfast option as you can change up just one or two ingredients to completely change the flavour! Add [...]

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