Baby gift guide from birth to six months

With a baby on the way (any day now!) and the holidays approaching quickly, I want to share some of the items, or the types of items that we look for in gifts for babies.When it comes the types of items we purchase for our children, my husband and I are really rather picky. We tend to go for fewer gifts and items in favour of good quality objects that will be durable. The toys we love the most tend to also be fairly simple, and provide for open-ended play.

We love using searching for aesthetically pleasing objects that are made from natural materials. In fact, my husband even makes a lot of our wooden materials himself! Of course, there isn’t enough time to make all of our children’s toys, but there are plenty of wonderful materials already out there!

The Best Baby Gift Guide: What to Look for in Gifts for babies #babygifts, #montessori, #holidays, #giftsfornewbaby, This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Baby Gift Guide: What to Look for in Gifts for babies

When it comes to choosing gifts for babies, here are a few things we look for:

  • Safety!
  • Good, durable quality
  • Natural materials
  • Able to be manipulated and used by the baby
  • Provides for open-ended play
  • Does not require batteries
  • Does not play music, flashing lights, or provide sensory over stimulation for baby (or parents!)
  • The toys serve a purpose or strengthen a skill or muscle

Gift Ideas for Babies

Best gifts for babies by Welcome to Mommyhood #babygifts, #montessori, #holidays, #giftsfornewbaby,

Wooden Rattle
Organic eco-friendly Wood Teether Toy
Turtle Montessori Unisex Rattle
Elephant Shaker
Wooden Teether

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The Best Baby Gift Guide: What to Look for in Gifts for babies #babygifts, #montessori, #holidays, #giftsfornewbaby,

All Natural Wooden Baby Discovery Set
Wooden Montessori Baby Set
Oval Bell Rattle
Montessori Object Permanence Box
Montessori Mobiles

The Best Baby Gift Guide: What to Look for in Gifts for babies #babygifts, #montessori, #holidays, #giftsfornewbaby,

Plush Wooden Teether
Baby Bandana Drool Bibs
Art Cards for Baby
Stuffed Rattle Ball
Crinkle Rattle Toy

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