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I can’t believe that our baby girl is going to be here any day now! We’re so excited and so anxious to meet her! We’re actually still finishing up a few last minute projects around the house, but I’m really focusing on getting a lot of materials prepared for Y – you know to entertain him during those seriously long nursing sessions in the beginning.However, I also wanted to create a few materials for baby girl. Of course, you don’t really need so many printables, activities, or manipulatives with infants. One thing that we will be using relatively early on will be black and white image cards!

Infant activities: free animal image cards for newborns (Montessori inspired) by Welcome to Mommyhood #infantactivities, #activitiesforbabies, #freeprintables, #montessori


Infant Activities: Free animal image cards

Age: for babies from newborn to about six months old
Why: When babies are born, they have extremely poor vision. They can only see items and objects that are high contrast, such as black and white images. When you are choosing decorations or items that you want your newborn to be able to see, it is best to pick ones that are black and white (or black, white, and red) and show them close to the baby.

By providing babies with opportunities to see high contrast images more frequently, you are helping them to develop their vision (and even concentration!).

How to use:  

  • Print the images on durable paper (such as card stock)
  • Laminate or frame for additional durability

Option 1: Hang the 3-4 images in frames on the wall nearby a floor area for baby. You can use this area for ‘tummy time’ or play time. The images provide a point of interest for baby to enjoy. You can swap the images from the frames easily.

Option 2: Hang 1-2 of the images near a diaper changing area to provide a point of interest for the baby during changes.

Option 3: Print the images on a small scale and create a mobile! Hang the mobile above a play area for baby.

Option 4: Place the images in a photo album and use this as a ‘book’ to read to baby. Tell the baby the names of the animals as you show them to him or her. Your voice will also be familiar and soothing to baby.

Download Now

You can download your own set of free Animal Image Cards by clicking on the image  below or on the text ‘Animal Cards for Babies’. Enjoy!


  • 20 black and white animal image cards

download now


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