Christmas Color Cards for Toddlers

We are definitely in the holiday spirit around here! Yesterday, we had a lovely Sinterklaas celebration (St Nicholas Day). I always know it’s December and the holiday season when all of the St Nicholas Day festivities begin. It’s always afterward that we set up a Christmas tree, and have a family-oriented Christmas, followed by a large New Year celebration.Between all of our cultures and backgrounds, there are so many holidays for us to celebrate in the month of December – it’s a fun and hectic time of year!

We’re still enjoying our Christmas themed works! I’m excited to be sharing freebies and new products for you guys from now until Christmas! Today, I am sharing another printable for tots – we have some fun Christmas tree color works!

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Christmas Activities: Color Cards for toddlers

Age: 2+

Why: You can have your child practice matching their colors by using this printable. They can learn to identify colors by using the colored in trees.

The images to color in a wonderful way to add not only a color recognition work to your trays, but also to strengthen hand-eye coordination and muscles in your children’s hands!

How to use

Option 1: Use the colored Christmas Tree cards, 3-4 at a time, to give a 3-period lesson on the names of the shapes.

Option 2: Have your child color the black and white Christmas trees in the labeled colors. Then, ask him/her to match them to the colored cards.

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Option 3: Present the colored, labeled cards to your child on a tray. In a bowl, present colored manipulatives, such as pom poms (that corresponds to the colors of the cards). Have your child match the manipulatives to the cards.

Option 4: Print two sets of labeled, colored Christmas tree cards to your child. Have your child match the cards to each other.

Get your own Christmas Color Cards!


  • 10 color cards for identification
  • 10 color cards (for the child to color in)
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