Toddler Christmas Shape Matching Printables

We love the holiday season! Today, I am sharing a brand new Christmas freebie, specifically for toddlers practicing their shapes! We loved works like this when Y was two, but now I am excited to create these activities for my little niece who is turning two in a less than two weeks! For you guys, of course, that means, you can access the printables to practice some fun holiday-themed shape matching, too.

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Christmas Shape Matching Printables

Age: 2+
Why: You can have your child practice matching their shapes by using this printable.


How to use

Option 1: Keep the trees intact as a mat and have your child match the ornaments to the corresponding shape. You can present this work on a tray, but be sure to keep the cutout cards on a plate to prevent them from moving around the tray.

Option 2: Cut apart the tree cards and the ornament cards. Present the cards separately on plates. Place both plates on a tray. Have your child match the cards to each other.

Option 3: Use the cards, 3-4 at a time, to give a 3 period lesson on the names of the shapes.

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