Pattern Cards for Babies

I can’t believe it but baby girl is already two months old! We’ve loved having her join our family and learning her character. She’s a pretty calm baby, as long as she’s not wanting to nurse that is. 

Natasha can also be quite serious sometimes. It’s so amazing, but infants can already concentrate and focus, even being as young as they are! I love watching Natasha explore the world around her – which at this point means watching and listening to what is happening around her. 

To help her work on improving her concentration, as well as just to give her something fun to look at, I created these black and white pattern cards! 

Black and white image cards for babies by Welcome to Mommyhood for visual stimulation #babies #montessori #montessoribabies

 Black and white pattern cards for babies

Age: infant/newborn
Why: These black and white pattern cards are perfect for babies to look at and practice concentration. 
When babies are born, they have extremely poor vision. They can only see items and objects that are high contrast, such as black and white images. 
Black and white image cards for babies by Welcome to Mommyhood for visual stimulation #babies #montessori #montessoribabies
When you are choosing decorations or items that you want your newborn to be able to see, it is best to pick ones that are black and white (or black, white, and red) and show them close to the baby. 
By providing babies with opportunities to see high contrast images more frequently, you are helping them to develop their vision (and even concentration!).
How to use 
Natasha really does not enjoy having her diaper changed. To make our changes a little bit easier, I created a few black and white image cards for her so she can have something nice to look at while we get her dressed. 

Because babies cannot see color that well, especially newborns, we love using black and white cards only to be sure that baby can see the images. 

In my home, I put up a few by our diaper changing station downstairs. I also rotate a few by her ‘spot’ in the living room. I haven’t framed them as I plan to change them frequently, but you can definitely do that for durability and aesthetics! 
Black and white image cards for babies by Welcome to Mommyhood for visual stimulation #babies #montessori #montessoribabies

Get your set!


  • 16 black and white pattern cards 

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