Teachers Pay Teachers – Flash sale!

I am super excited to make an announcement! I am teaming up with some amazing Montessori bloggers from all across the web to participate in once a month discounts on Teachers Pay Teachers

On the 21st of every month this year, we will be coming together to offer fun discounts, sales, and promotions for that day only! 

eachers pay Teachers Sale  #MontessoriLove

We are having a 50% off sale! One item in our shops will be available for a 50% discount! Isn’t that awesome? 

To find all of the awesome deals involved, just go to Teachers Pay Teachers and search for MontessoriLove (one word).

Psst! You can help spread the word by using #MontessoriLove

Welcome to Mommyhood is offering our Animals that Hibernate printables! You can get them for 50% off so be sure to grab your copy on Saturday, January 21! 

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