Children in the kitchen: kid friendly knives

One of the many important approaches of Montessori style parenting is giving children plenty of opportunities to be independent. In my home, as well as what you see in many other Montessori homes, is that children are very involved in typical household tasks, including cooking.
There are many ways to enjoy cooking together and many reasons why cooking together with young children is an extremely important activity. However, it is also very important to have the proper materials available in order for children to learn how to cook safely.
One of the most basic kitchen tools that we have is also one of the most dangerous – knives. When you decide to teach your little one how to cook, it is important to have the proper knives available for them. There are many different types of kid friendly knives available, and choosing the right one to start can be tricky.
As with any Montessori material, it ought to be child sized. However, picking the best tool for your child goes beyond simply buying a small, sharp knife. There are several options available with differing skill  levels required to use them, knives of different sizes, shapes and handles. Let’s go have a chat about just that!
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Montessori at home: kid friendly knives

A good set of safe, appropriately sized knives is absolutely vital. However, before children are ready to use knives, many begin using different types of choppers and slicers. However you call them, there are different kinds available that can help prepare your child for safely using a knife.

Alternatively, you can also use choppers for younger children. There are many different kinds. This type of chopper is very common, but there are many different variations. Many people use these types of knives with very young children, including toddlers.

This stainless steel chopper really meant for scraping dough. However, it is nice for allowing your children to cut soft foods such as avocados or bananas. A perfect tool for children to start practicing their knife skills with!  A dull blade is what you want to introduce first to be sure your child cannot hurt themselves.A spreading knife is also a great tool for beginners! It is not sharp so little fingers will not be cut, but avocados or soft fruits can definitely be sliced with this.

These nylon knives are not sharp, but give children the opportunity to practice using a knife and making the movements they will need to make with a sharp knife. Again, these can be used with soft fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and mushrooms.

A crinkle knife with a handle that you press is another option. This variation is sharp as is this chopper.

This crinkle knife resembles a traditional knife in it’s shape. This one does not differ too much from a normal knife except that you only need to press rather than moving the knife back and forth to chop. It does create a fun, crinkly shape in the food.

Finally, we have a children’s sized stainless steel knife. If your child can safely manage the other different knives, this is a good option. It is a small, normal kitchen knife.

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