Montessori beads 3 part cards 0-30

Given that I am still a bit out of commission, I have been preparing some new printables and materials for when I am feeling a bit better. Life has been a bit hectic to say the least, so I am not terribly concerned with swapping out shelf materials at home right now. Plus, we've had [...]

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The importance of self care

Today,  I want to talk to you guys about self care and how important it is to just make that time for yourself. Even if it means ignoring some tasks like dishes, even if you think you don't have time for it, even if you can't fathom ignoring that laundry. Please, just think about yourself. [...]

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Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Easter is coming up so fast! Today, I wanted to share some fun ideas that you could include in an Easter Basket for a toddler. No candy or treats, but fun toys that are engaging for young minds. These gift recommendations are for materials that young children will love, that are engaging, and lead to [...]

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What’s up? Where did I go? A huge lesson in taking time for self care

If you aren't following along on facebook or instagram, you may have missed my announcement. The reason why it's been so quiet on here suddenly is that I was in the hospital battling what seemed to be an infection and a broken leg. It has been rough to say the least.  Life update Two Sundays [...]

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Using Montessori beads to teach the value of money

Y has gotten to that age where he wants to buy things. Pretty much any lego he sees is guaranteed to get a ‘Mom, Dad, can we get it, pleeeeeaasssseee?’Since he doesn’t really know how much things cost or what money is (also doesn’t help to much that we tend to buy things online or [...]

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Water cycle and weather unit

I'm so excited to finally be sharing the full set of weather themed activities we covered with Y! It's taken me ages to collect all of the photos because we really went deep! I'm so happy to also share our water cycle for kids activities!With large themed activities like this, I actually like to really [...]

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Umbrella counting cards 3 ways to count

Today, I am excited to share a fun, spring themed set of printables and several ways to use them! Learning number quantity (how much a number is) can be a difficult concept for children, but it is very important to learn aside from just the number symbol we are used to writing. You can use [...]

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St Patrick’s Day Salt Tray

St Patrick's Day is coming so quickly! Only less than a week away! We have used this time to get a few nice St Patrick's Day themed activities in! Today, I am sharing a nice way to practice writing using our St Patrick's Day salt tray cards! This post contains affiliate links at no cost [...]

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Easy to set up spring themed activities for toddlers

Have you noticed I haven't been sharing many printables lately? Don't worry, I have a bunch still in the works, I just haven't felt much like cutting things out. In between being busy with the kids during the day, my evening work sessions have turned into evening cuddle sessions with either the baby or the [...]

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