Easy to set up spring themed activities for toddlers

Have you noticed I haven’t been sharing many printables lately? Don’t worry, I have a bunch still in the works, I just haven’t felt much like cutting things out. In between being busy with the kids during the day, my evening work sessions have turned into evening cuddle sessions with either the baby or the husband or both. I don’t regret it though. Sometimes, we just need a little time with our loved ones, right?

When it comes to learning activities however, printables or not, I do like to have activities ready! Today, I am sharing three very, very easy to set up learning activities that you can prepare for your children when you are pressed for time.

Easy to set up spring activities

3 easy to set up spring activities

A simple, spring themed sorting work is a nice pre-math work. I presented a few felt insects for sorting. Be sure to provide the same amount of each object.
3 easy to set up Montessori inspired Spring activities for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #springactivities, #spring, #montessoriactivities

You can ask the child to sort the objects into bowls, but make sure to present two bowls/plates for placing the objects.

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Or, the child can place the items in rows.

3 easy to set up Montessori inspired Spring activities for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #springactivities, #spring, #montessoriactivities

Following our insect theme, you can set up a butterfly size sorting material! Size sorting is an important math skill for children. Children can sort the butterflies by size from smallest to largest or the other way around.

I like to present this with a mat for containing the work.

I really like these wooden figures. They offer such a nice way to see the size distinction between the butterflies. I prefer this very much to printables because, frequently, you have the empty space around the items featured on cards. Materials such as this can be held and very distinctly demonstrate the size difference because the child can feel the differences in size.
Of course, there’s a good ole,  trust worthy practical life activity! These are always easy to set up but are very important for strengthening hands and developing hand muscles. These prepare children for writing.


Download Your Spring Number Puzzles

Spring activities: free spring number puzzles printables


  • Four 1-5 puzzles
  • Four blank mats
  • Four 1-9 puzzles
  • Four blank 1-9 mats
Download Printables long


Spring number puzzles

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