One of my favourite aspects of Montessori style activities and education is the focus on building up a child’s independence and self confidence. I love that Montessori works focus on getting children involved in carrying out an action when they are learning, and I can really see that my son growing with these types of trays. 

His favourite works tend to be focused on a practical life component – an aspect of Montessori that focuses on helping children to basically learn how to do things that are practical and necessary in life. Activities such as pouring a cup of water, buttoning a shirt, tidying up after oneself.  

This page contains a list of the practical life works I have shared so far on Welcome to Mommyhood. 

Practical life activities for toddlers

Practical life activities for toddlers {Welcome to Mommyhood] #practicallife, #montessori, #toddleractivities, #montessoripreschool, #preschool

Birthday themed
Care of ‘baby’
Christmas themed activities
Construction theme practical life
Halloween themed practical life
Halloween themed practical life II
Independence for toddlers
Memorial Day Practical Life
Ocean unit themed
Peas unit
Practical life ideas with items you have at home
Pouring ‘bugs’
Recipes toddlers can help with
Sweeping ‘snow’
Vehicle theme
Winter theme

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