I’m excited to share a new free printable with you guys! Today, we’re talking about Saint Patrick’s Day with some very fun number cards that are perfect for teaching little ones to count and number quantities.

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St Patrick’s Day Number Cards

The fun thing about this set of printables is that I am showing you how to use them in three different ways! You can easily use these printables a few small objects to create a hands-on learning activity for your kids! Here’s how:

Version 1: DIY numbers

For the first version, all I did was present the number cards along with some foam numbers 1-3 for my son. He had to simply match the foam numbers to the number cards after we laid them out in order!



Mr. Toddler loved the foam numbers and was very intrigued by them! He traced them with his finger – a great pre-writing activity!

Version 2: With a manipulative

Present the number cards alongside a manipulative that your child enjoys. At our house, it was green, glass stones that Mr. Toddler has been loving from our practical life works!

For younger kids, you can ask them to lay the manipulative directly on the shamrocks pictured on the cards. That way, they see the number symbol written on the card and can see the number quantity represented by the correspondence of object/manipulative to the picture.
For slightly older children, you can ask them to layout the corresponding quantity underneath the card.
For the control of error, make sure you only present the exact quantity of manipulatives that your child will need to use.

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Version 3: combine it all

To make this work a bit more challenging, you can combine the manipulative you choose, foam numbers, and number cards.

The children then match all of the objects to each other.

Foam numbers and beads can all be placed underneath the number cards. For the control of error, once again, make sure that the quantity of manipulatives presented corresponds to the exact quantity the children will have to lay out underneath each card.


Free St Patrick’s Day Number Cards

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St Patrick’s Day Number Cards

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