Summer is a great time to learn all about the sea and ocean! A lot of families visit the beach – an environment that is filled with all sorts of fascinating items and experiences! Their interest may be sparked, and it’s a great opportunity to teach them all about the sea! 
Today, I am sharing a fun cutting practice printable using this very theme! Mr. Toddler loves seashells and fish and this was absolutely perfect for us! I hope your little ones get just as much fun (and practice of an important skill) out of it! To learn how we use cutting practice printables and to get your own free ocean animal cutting practice printable, continue reading! 

Cutting practice

This simple printable (available for FREE to download at the end of this post!) is a great way to practice sciscor grip and cutting skills for kids. All you have to do is download the printable, print, and ask your child to cut the sheet along the dashed lines.  For my toddler, I also cut out the strips horizontally (along the solid lines). 
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When presenting this work, I focus on a simple and clear style. As always, I use a tray that is on a shelving unit within my son’s reach. 

In addition to presenting the work on a tray, I make sure to provide two bowls for this type of work. 

Once the papers are cut into strips, they are more likely to move around so I also place them onto a bowl or plate for Mr. Toddler. Almost all of the bowls, plates, cups etc that I use for our works come from second hand shops and none of them cost more than 1 to 2 euro a piece. Most cost less than .50 cents! I like to make sure our materials are beautiful, but also that we can afford to replace if they break. 

I also find it important to provide a bowl for placing the cut pieces; hence, the second bowl. 

The scissors I leave on the tray. However if you also have younger kids using the same space or your child is just starting to use scissors, it may be wise to only give them to your child after they have selected the particular work. 

There are many great options for scissors for toddlers or preschoolers. The key here is to watch your child carefully. We only started using sharp objects such as scissors after I felt comfortable with his hand eye coordination and muscle control. Here are some great options to choose from when looking for starter scissors for your little ones! 

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