Happy Monday everyone! Today I am sharing a fun freebie that is perfect for summer! Mr. Toddler spent the week with me and we had a ton of fun with this simple fruit themed cutting practice!We’ve been loving snacking on all sorts of delicious fruits this summer – easy, healthy, and so tasty! Mr. Toddler’s current obsession with watermelons and strawberries caused me to create this printable and he loved it!


Fruits Cutting Strips for scissor practice for preschoolers! #montessori #preschoolactivities

Fruit Tracing or Cutting Strips

Age: 2+

Why: Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp while neatly cutting along the dashed line.

Toddlers and children learning to use scissors, first learn to ‘snip’ paper rather than cut along a longer line.

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Children start by learning to snip then transition to cutting along lines. Strips such as these provide opportunities for working on scissor grasp with a visually appealing pattern.

Note: When presenting cutting strips, be sure to provide a bowl or plate for your child to place the cut pieces.

After the child snips the pieces of paper, you can use them to create a patterning work, or have the child glue the pieces onto a  paper to create a work of art.

Get your set of Fruit Cutting Strips

  • 6 snipping strips for tracing or cutting
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Fruit Cutting Strips

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