Invitation to paint with nature

I am so, so excited to participate in the 2015 Paintathon! Today, I am sharing a beautiful way to add some nature exploration to a painting project – combining botany and arts and crafts? Why not? Here’s what we did: 

Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable

To start with, I gathered some ‘scrap’ flowers from the garden. We had just put together a bouquet for some friends so there were some smaller flowers leftover that I used for Y’s nature table. {Y is almost 3 years old}  

The idea

I arranged flowers, leaves, and twigs from the garden on his table for him to explore. I used some new trays to arrange our supplies in a neat and attractive fashion. 

My thoughts were that Y would be able to either paint the flowers or dip them in the paint.  

Then, he could press the flowers into the paint, and explore the patterns that the flowers leaves. Y was very excited about the presentation here, and was very intent on using the flowers and leaves. 

Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable

He preferred to use the paintbrush for applying paint to the flowers. Once he got started doing so, he discovered that it was a lot of fun and spent a good 20 minutes attempting to cover all of the leaves and plants in blue paint. 

Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable
One of my oversights with this work however was that Y was eager to paint our new bowls and trays, as well as the flowers. Luckily our paint washes right off, but the kiddo was very enthusiastic and persistent on covering our bowls in blue paint! 
Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable

In the end, Y didn’t want to get paint on his hands so I was the one that ended up removing all of the leaves and flowers from his paper to show him the patterns that they left! 

The final product: 

Nature table and paint exploration by Welcome to Mommyhood #painting, #paintathon, #preschoolactivities, #naturetable

In the images above, it is a bit difficult to see, but with the paper in front of us, Y and I discussed the different things we can spot on it. The flower prints, the leaf prints, and the dots from the twigs. 

What you’ll need 

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Twigs
  • Paint
  • Bowls
  • Paper 
  • Optional: paint brushes 
  • Optional: trays

2015 Paintathon

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