Valentine’s Day Cutting Strips

Remember all those times that I have written about teaching kiddos to use their scissors? Well, Y still loves to use my cutting strips! He loves seeing the images on there, and I love how easy these are to present.


Valentine's Day Cutting StripsValentine's Day Cutting Strips


Valentine’s Day Cutting Strips

Inspired by Y’s love of scissors, as well as Valentine’s Day, I created a fun new set of Valentine’s Day cutting strips!


 What do you need?

  • A tray
  • Kids scissors
  • The strips available here (usually kept in a bowl so they stay in place)
  • A bowl for rubbish
  • A bowl for the cut apart pieces

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Safety note: Do NOT leave your children unattended with scissors. Y has been practicing using scissors for over a year and can use them safely now. He is 3 years 4 months old. Only you can decide if you feel comfortable with your child using scissors and if they are ready.

Free Valentine’s Day Cutting Strips

Download Printables long

Valentine’s Day Cutting Strips

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I hope you have a fabulous day!

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