I don’t know how often I’ve mentioned it here, but by profession, I am a researcher. I love books, learning, and well… researching actually. I’m a bit of a ‘nerd’ like that. This summer, with baby number two on the way, I have been really enjoying re-reading some of my favourite books on Montessori.Whilst our homeschool activities and approach is definitely varied, using a mix of techniques, our lifestyle and how my husband and I raise our son is heavily influenced by Montessori. We love encouraging our son’s independence, and plan to do the same as our next baby is born.

Today, I want to share some of my top picks for parents when it comes to the Montessori philosophy. This list is most definitely not exhaustive. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone and there are tons of books, blogs, and resources out there! Rather, it is based on the books I have read, I have enjoyed, and ones that you can use to learn more about Montessori. This list is a good start for someone wanting to know more about the Montessori approach to learning, implementing Montessori style ideas in their homes or lives, or looking to expand and refresh their knowledge of the Montessori method!

Montessori Book Recommendations for Parents by Welcome to Mommyhood, #parenting, #Montessori, #montessoriparenting
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Books by Dr. Montessori

The Absorbent Mind
Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook
The Montessori Method

Bonus: Free Books & Audio Books

Peaceful parenting - respecting children #montessori, #peacefulpraenting
What to do if your child doesn't like the Montessori activities you set up for them at home #montessori, #montessoriactivities, #homeschool

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Happy reading folks!