I’m really excited to be doing something a bit new this year for our homeschool plans! We will be doing monthly themed art and art appreciation studies! I’m so excited for this, but also a little bit nervous as this is the first time I setting up works like this for Y. 

The idea here is that we will spend about a month covering a particular artist or style of art. This will be of course alongside all of the other units, themes, and topics we will be covering. You can read more about our Preschool Plans for the 2016-2017 academic year in a separate post. As a result, the amount of time we will be dedicating each artist/art form will really depend on Y’s interest and how it goes. 

We’re going to be keeping things very general as he is only four years old and very hands on. Some activities will include matching image cards and learning the names of paintings. Others will be more hands on with play dough, recreating paintings with different forms of media, etc. We’ll see how everything develops and I will be sharing our journey with you as we go!

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I also recently tidied up and organised all of our preschool materials, including our art supplies. I’m also really glad to have gotten rid of a lot of miscellaneous, random little bits and pieces. Now, we are focusing on using quality materials to really allow for creative exploration and play rather than coloured pencils that don’t allow for proper hold or dried up markers. Instead, quality materials that serve a purpose! I’m sure these will really come in handy as we progress with our art exploration this year! 
Here are our plans for this year! 

2016-2017 Preschool Art Exploration Plans


  • Overview famous paintings


  • Eric Carle study 
  • Matching our Asia study, we will be exploring Japanese painters
  • Types of media (painting)
  •  Matching our Russia study, we will focus on Russian painters 

  • Impressionism  


  •  Chinese art (again corresponding to a China study)

  • African art exploration (corresponding to an Africa unit study)

  •  European artists 
  •  Modernism

  • Abstract art


  • Catch up

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