Y and I have been working a lot on vocabulary in English. If you’re a regular on here, you know that I speak Russian at home to my son, my husband speaks a regional language called Frisian in the Netherlands, and then my husband and I speak English to each other. We also use either Dutch or Frisian to communicate with other people – at the grocery store, school, doctors, etc. Basically, it is a lot of languages. 

So English. Y hears English from my husband and I daily, but we haven’t really tried to teach it to him. Children are seriously sponges though, and Y has been absorbing English during the past 4 years of his life. He speaks it. Fluently. 

The past few months, I have been trying to actively teach him vocabulary and proper pronunciation. One of the printables that I made to review for him was a fun color sorting work that I am sharing with you today! 

Color sorting for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #homeschool, #earlylearning, #toddleractivities

I made this color sorting printable for a quick review of English vocabulary with Y, but it’s perfect for review colors with toddlers

Primary color sorting printable for toddlers


You can set up this work by presenting the jars with labels. This is actually a perfect opportunity to use a Montessori 3 part lesson in order to teach your child color names.

Present the small colored objects neatly in a bowl. You can then ask your child to sort the color cards underneath, or next to, each colored jar. 

Alternative: You can also provide colored pom poms, buttons, or another small manipulative for your child to match to the colored jars, as well. 

Age range

This activity is perfect for a child around two years old (and older) to use to reinforce color names and sort by color. 

Our color sorting activity contains only the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) because it targets younger children specifically. Only after mastering primary colors, did we move on to learning other colors, followed by shades of colors. 

Ideally, if you are using this printable, your child is already familiar with colors. The reason why I say this is that the images used are all different (fish, ice cream cone, fruit, and hot air balloon). To actually introduce children to colors for the first time, I would recommend using two objects that are identical, such as Montessori color tablets. 

Activities, such as this one, can be used to reinforce the idea that different objects can be grouped by similarities, such as their color. This is an extremely extremely important concept for young children to learn, but this also makes this work a bit challenging for young children. 

Color sorting for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #homeschool, #earlylearning, #toddleractivities


I have made this printable available in four languages: English, French, Russian, and Dutch! 

Download Color Sorting Printables 

Color sorting printable (English)
Color sorting printable (Russian)
Color sorting printable (Dutch)
Color sorting printable (French)

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