Y is just so excited to learn about Halloween! We’ve been really working on learning about the United States and learning English lately. Y is really interested in it, especially because that’s where Grandma (Babushka) and Grandpa (Dedushka) live! He wants to know all about America!Halloween is a fun way that we can talk about holidays, traditions, and well, as you will see in this post, I can use an attractive theme to sneak in some math practice!

Halloween Activities: Free Patterning Strips

Age:Y is four years old

Goal: Identify the next image on patterning cards

Why: Patterning is an important math skill for kids! Patterning is a necessary skill to develop not only as a math concept, but because it helps to strengthen logic and prediction skills in children.

Patterns are all around us, and we use logic to make predictions about what will happen or should come next. For example, our children can use patterns in their routines to determine what will happen after taking a bath (being dried off, getting dressed, etc).

You can use the cute, Halloween themed printables provided in this post to help your children practice developing their patterning skills!


To present this work, I used a very simple look: a tray, a small bowl for the additional pieces, and the patterning strips, individually cut out and stacked on the tray.

Y simply had to place the image cards onto the patterning strips.

Tip: You  can laminate this printable and add velcro for additional reinforcement.

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Alternative: You can also provide a glue stick and have your child (children) glue the small card in place.

Free Halloween Printables

download printables

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