Halloween is coming up so quickly! We’ve been having so much fun learning all about Halloween, and working on Y’s Halloween Interactive Notebook.Today, I am sharing a quick freebie that Y really enjoyed – more Halloween activities with our Halloween themed cutting strips!

Halloween preschool activities: free cutting strips for preschoolers #preschoolactivities, #montessori, #homeschool, #homeschoolactivities, #totlabs


Y is four years old and has no problem using scissors, but he loves it when I give him cutting strips like these to work on! A lot of times, he will grab a paper and glue stick to create a craft after finishing with the strips.

Halloween Activities: Free Cutting Strips

Y is four years old
Goal:  Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp whilst neatly cutting along the dotted line.


Whenever I present cutting themed activities, I always keep the presentation the same – simple is key, of course.


Halloween preschool activities: free cutting strips for preschoolers #preschoolactivities, #montessori, #homeschool, #homeschoolactivities, #totlabs

I make sure to present a bowl for the cut strips, the scissors, and the strips for cutting.

Note: You can also choose to present each of the items in their own plate or compartment to prevent them from moving on the tray. I keep a white foam page in our tray that keeps the items steady enough for Y. When he was younger and had more difficulty keeping the items steady, I did prefer to keep the strips and scissors in bowls or on plates.

Activities like these are so easy to set up and so much fun for kids! The cute images are a simple way to add new excitement to activities that may be repeated frequently. Plus, I love to keep things themed every now and again!

Download Your Halloween Cutting Strips

download printables


More Halloween themed activities?

Halloween Activities
Montessori Halloween Activities and Printables #MontessoriActivities #HalloweenActivities

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