One of the most popular posts on here is my tutorial for how to make your own sandpaper numbers! Since publishing that article, I have been frequently asked for a tutorial and format for sandpaper letters! I am very happy to announce that I am finally done with our tutorial and free printables for how to make your own set of sandpaper letters!We love using materials like this to practice writing skills, letter recognition, and more! Sandpaper letters are a classic Montessori material, and making your own can of course, save some money.

You can use the instructions and printable (available below) to make both upper and lower case letters!

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DIY Sandpaper Letters Tutorial


  •  Plywood – 52 blocks
  • Sandpaper
  • Letters printable
  • Scissors
  • Heavy duty glue (or a hot glue gun)
For the sandpaper, I would choose a fine one that is not too rough on little fingers. These letters can serve as a fabulous pre-writing activity by having your child trace them with their fingers.
Reserve some sandpaper to sand any rough edges of the wood to avoid splinters.


  •  Get your plywood down to size. You can either purchase your own pre-cut pieces or saw them yourself. 12.5 by 15 centimeters and 1/2 a centimeter thick is what we prefer.
  • Sand the edges of the wood to avoid splinters (important!)
  • Print the letters printable (available below) on normal paper
  • Cut out the letters
  • Trace the cutout letters onto the sandpaper. To avoid marks on the visible side of the sandpaper, I placed the letters backward on the reverse side of the sandpaper.
  • Cut out the sandpaper numbers
  • Glue them in the middle of the plywood blocks
  • Let dry


Free printables

You can download your own set of free Sandpaper Letter Cards by clicking on the ‘get it now’ button below or on the text ‘Free Sandpaper Letter Cards’. Enjoy!
Download Printables long
Sandpaper Letter Printables

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