Y loved working on his Christmas themed addition strips so much that I couldn’t help but make more strips for practising adding numbers up to 5! This time around, we are working on addition by using an arctic animal theme!


Arctic Animal Addition Strips

Arctic Addition Strips

Age: Yvann is 4 years old


Why: Addition strips like these are a great way to practice simple addition. These cards can be used in a Montessori environment. They can also easily be used to create hands-on activities or as worksheets.

How to use Arctic Addition Strips

I like to cut apart each individual strip to create a hands-on activity. You could keep these attached however and present this printable as a worksheet.

We tend to laminate these strips. This allows Y to practice writing the numbers on the sheets. By laminating the strips, we get multiple use out of them. You could also opt to add velcro dots to the laminated strips for children to add the corresponding number square. This also allows for multiple use.

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When presenting these printables, I also like to present a manipulative. This allows Y to count out exactly what he is doing. He can visually see how much each number quantity is, which helps him to grasp the concept of addition.

Get your set of Arctic Addition Strips

  • 21 addition strip cards

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