I mentioned last week that I am pretty excited about our Chinese New Year shelves! I really loved being able to visit China when I was 17 (more than ten years ago! oh my how time flies!). I really enjoyed putting together China-themed learning activities for my son, and having a chance to remember and reminisce on my time in China.

Today, I am sharing a China-inspired printable for younger kiddos – a Panda themed cutting strips freebie! You can read about how and why you can use these printables for your own toddler below.

Panda Themed Cutting Strips

Age: 2+

Includes: 5 strips to practice cutting
Why: Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp while neatly cutting along the dashed line.

Toddlers and children learning to use scissors, first learn to ‘snip’ paper rather than cut along a long line. These printables are perfect for children learning to snip or transitioning to cutting along lines.

Strips such as these provide opportunities for working on scissor grasp with a visually appealing pattern.

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Panda Cutting Strips

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