Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, and of course, kids are busy making fun crafts, cards, and decorations! Our home is no different, but I do like to offer some form of semi-structured activities. For that, I set up invitations to create – where I present certain materials that focus on specific goals or targets for my son to work on while he makes a fun project.

Today, I am showing our one of our Valentine’s Day activities  – our pin punching printables.  We used these to create fun cards for friends and family – something that Y has absolutely been loving lately!

Valentines Day Montessori Activities Pin Punching

Valentine’s Day Activities: Pin punching Montessori Printables

Age: Yvann is 4 years old. This depends on your level of comfort with your child’s use of a push pin.
Why: This work is wonderful for developing hand-eye coordination in children. It helps to strengthen muscles in the hand and prepares your child for writing. Additionally, works like these strengthen concentration!

What you need to create your own Valentine’s Day Activities

  • Pin puncher
  • Foam or board for placing paper on
  • Tray for presentation
  • Printables or paper for punching

How to create your own Valentine’s Day Activities

I present these works with the push pin in a separate bowl or tray. This is convenient as the push pin does not move around on the tray too much when my son carries the tray.
Valentines Day Activities - pin punching Montessori activities
The idea with this work is very simple – the child uses a push pin to cut out the image on the cards along the dashed lines. Then, the child may choose to decorate the image by coloring it, placing stickers on it, or gluing decorative pieces onto it. Y does any combination of the above!
Works like this really are a great test of patience and work beautifully to strengthen children’s hands.

A note on safety: Our push pin is not sharp and is large. This is very important, especially with younger children. Small push pins should not be used with children that still place objects in their mouths. Even with larger push pins, please monitor your children when conducting works like this!

Get your set to create your own Valentine’s Day Activities!


  • 7 Valentine’s Day Cards

Download Printables long
Valentine’s Day Pin Punching

or grab them on Teachers Pay Teachers

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I hope you have a fabulous day!