Even though we don’t have any real winter weather here, I’ve been really enjoying creating winter themed works for Y. Today, I am sharing our winter themed pin punching activity!



Winter Push Pin or Tracing Printables


Age: Yvann is 4 years old. This depends on your level of comfort with your child’s use of a push pin.

Why: This work is wonderful for developing hand-eye coordination in children. It helps to strengthen muscles in the hand and prepares your child for writing. Additionally, works like these strengthen concentration!

What you need 

  • Pin puncher
  • Foam or board for placing paper on
  • Tray for presentation
  • Printables or paper for punching

How to present push pin works

The presentation of this work, just like any other one, should be tidy and logical. Everything has it’s spot and is aesthetically pleasing.

Winter Tracing or Push Pin Cards


Each object has it’s spot on the tray. I like to keep the push pin in a separate bowl. This prevents it from moving around on the tray.

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Y really enjoyed our winter themed push pin work! You could also use these printables as a simple coloring activity. He ended up doing both! After using the push pin to poke out the images, Y colored and decorated them to create some fun artwork to mail to grandma and grandpa!

A note on safety: Our push pin is not sharp and is large. This is very important, especially for younger children. Small push pins should not be used with children that still place objects in their mouths. Even with larger push pins, please monitor your children when conducting works like this!

Get your set of Winter Tracing Printables


  • 8 winter themed cards

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I hope you have a wonderful day!