We are starting a new life cycle exploration! I’m really excited to start teaching Y all about bees! We will be doing several fun life cycle themed activities so do stay on the lookout not only for our hands-on activities, but for our fun bee life cycle printables!For now, we are really hoping the spring weather stays and we can get outdoors more. I’m super excited to even start planning our garden! Hopefully, this means we can also observe some bees in real life outdoors.

Last summer, Y was very interested in them and whenever we would go on walks, he would point them out to me… and ask what can only be described as an endless stream of questions about bees. Where do they come from? What do they do? Why are they yellow? Why are they on the flowers? What do they do with the flowers?

Free bee themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #montessoriactivities, #springactivities

I was too pregnant to really create works for exploring these topics, although, of course, I explained these things to him as we were outdoors. Now, I’m excited to present fun works to explore these questions in depth. We are kicking off this study with a simple bee themed cutting strips freebie!

Montessori Printables: Bee cutting strips

Age: 2+

Includes: 5 strips to practice cutting
Why: Practice scissor skills, using proper and safe grasp while neatly cutting along the dashed line.

Toddlers and children learning to use scissors, first learn to ‘snip’ paper rather than cut along a longer line. These printables are perfect for children learning to snip or transitioning to cutting along lines.

Free bee themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #montessoriactivities, #springactivities

Strips such as these provide opportunities for working on scissor grasp with a visually appealing pattern.

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Note: When presenting cutting strips, be sure to provide a bowl or plate for your child to place the cut pieces.

Free bee themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #preschool, #montessoriactivities, #springactivities

Aside from the cutting strips for snipping, this set also comes with two pages of increasingly difficult pattern lines to cut along. These come in stages of increasingly complicated patterns to follow!

Get your set!

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Bee cutting strips

More cutting strips