Seasons sorting cards for pre reading

Y has been showing a growing interest in the passage of time, seasons, and times of year. I am really enjoying his questions (even if they are quite exhausting to answer), and his curiosity. To engage him, I recently created a printable for exploring seasons – Seasons sorting cards.These cards are very beautiful and feature only realistic images. They can even be used with toddlers as a sorting or classification work.

Montessori Inspired Seasons Sorting Cards
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Seasons classification cards

Age: 3+

Why: These seasons cards are perfect for learning about seasons, as well as using for pre-reading activities. These cards can be used as classification cards (when the child sorts them by season).

Control of error

Each card comes with a vivid image of a season, that is easily recognizable. As a control of error, each season has been attributed with a colored border. If this control of error is too obvious, you may simply cut along the inner part of the border. Instead, you may consider placing a dot sticker on the back of the cards – again attributing one color per season.

How to use them

To use these cards, all you have to do is print. You may choose to leave the coloured borders as a control of error or remove the border altogether by cutting along the inside of it. You may also want to laminate the cards for additional durability.


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Present the cards by placing labels and image cards separately on a tray. We like to place the cards on plates to prevent them from moving around in the tray.

Place each of the labels in front of your child. Point to each, one at a time, reading the label. Then, ask your child to sort the cards by season.

Get your set!


  • 20 cards with images per season (80 total)
  • 4 season label cards
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