We have been working our way through some fun St Patrick’s Day activities! Y has really been into addition and learning to add number combinations up to 5.  Now that he is working on addition, I wanted to create a few fun St Patrick’s Day addition materials.


I created some more challenging addition cards with a missing number! These number cards are not written as a normal equation, but add an element of difficulty by containing a missing number. What these cards actually encourage children to do is subtract!

Y isn’t quite ready to use them, but I am preparing our materials already. I think we’ll be there very soon!

St Patrick’s Day Addition Clip Cards

Age: 4+

Why: These St Patrick’s Day themed cards are a great way to practice simple equations. These cards can be used in a Montessori environment, as well, and can easily be used to create hands-on activities or as worksheets.

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How to use our St Patrick’s Day Addition Clip Cards

I like to cut apart each individual strip to create a hands-on activity. You could keep these attached however and present this printable as a worksheet.

When presenting these printables, I also like to present a manipulative. This allows children to count out exactly what they are doing. They can see how much each number quantity is, which helps them to grasp the concept of subtraction/addition.

Get your set of St Patrick’s Day Addition Clip Cards


  • 45 addition clip cards
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