Y has just been so curious about so many things lately. Recently, we finally received our first bit of snow! Y was very intrigued by it even though he found the weather really a bit too cold. 

Seeing the snow, he instantly had so many questions for me – where does snow come from? How does it come to the ground? Why? How? Why? Why? Why? The questions coming from a four year old can really be quite endless. I love to be able to answer his questions and feed his curiosity. 

However, I didn’t have all of the answers straight away, so I put together a lovely weather and water cycle themed unit to be able to explain to where snow and rain come from. I really enjoyed putting these lovely materials together. 

Psst! The fun bit is this was a part of a larger weather themed unit! In a few days, I will be sharing our hands on learning activities, how we used all of these fun materials, and all of our weather themed activities! Be sure to check back! 

Water cycle printables from Welcome to Mommyhood #scienceactivities, #montessoriactivities, #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #preschool,

Science activities for kids: water cycle 

Age: 4+
Why: You can use this printables set to introduce your child to the water cycle. This set of printables includes everything ranging from a fun spinner to 3 part cards to crafts! This is a fabulous set of printables that can be used for a variety of ages.  

  • Water cycle spinner 
  • 17 Water cycle 3 part cards (17 control cards, 17 image cards, 17 labels) 
  • Water cycle craft 
  • Water cycle mat 
  • Water cycle label act

Get your set!

Water cycle printables from Welcome to Mommyhood #scienceactivities, #montessoriactivities, #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #preschool,
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