Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Easter is coming up so fast! Today, I wanted to share some fun ideas that you could include in an Easter Basket for a toddler. No candy or treats, but fun toys that are engaging for young minds. These gift recommendations are for materials that young children will love, that are engaging, and lead to creative play. Let’s have a look at these Easter gifts for toddlers that will actually get used! Easter gifts for toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood #giftguide, #montessorihome

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Easter gifts for toddlers


Practical Easter Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers really like to exercise their independence. A unique idea may be a good, quality cutting board for participating in cooking meals. I also really like this animal shaped one!

Similarly, an apron is a nice touch for a child who will be helping in the kitchen. They are also very convenient for painting and play dough activities.

Unique ideas Easter Gifts for Toddlers

How about this fun screw board for the handy kiddo?

I adore how beautiful all of the products are in this natural play dough gift set! It’s so stunning! Toys like this are nice because they help to strengthen hand muscles, which is very important for learning to write later.

I also really like the emphasis on natural materials, which I think teaches us to appreciate nature. I like to give fragile, beautiful items to young children even to let them explore and touch. It teaches them to be gentle or that items can break. Y is now very careful with delicate things at 4 years old, including his baby sister.

Speaking of nature, this lacing activity is very unique because it uses wooden pieces!

I really think this spooning work is very beautiful! I like the rainbow colours!


A stacking toy like this is very nice. It’s natural pieces are intriguing and I like that it is not painted. This isolates the child’s focus on placing the pieces by size. For the same reasons, I recommend this peg puzzle.

Oh puzzles! They are so much fun and so wonderful for children! Over the years though, I have become a bit particular about puzzles. I prefer ones with realistic representations of whatever it is they are portraying. On amazon, the company Edushape seems to have a diversity of beautiful, realistic puzzles like this wild animal puzzle. They have many puzzles to choose from, and they are all very pretty.

Building toys

Lego duplo is one of the few plastic toys we like. Y enjoyed these from about 20 months until just before he turned 4. Now, he has moved onto the smallest lego parts.

If you aren’t ready to step on lego parts, these natural wood blocks will be sure to provide tons of open ended play to your children!

Toys that go!

Also, in natural wood, I love this wood fire truck. It’s actually a craft the child can paint, but I like the natural wood look. This is because it reminds me of the trucks my husband has built for our son. Those homemade, natural wooden toys are actually our son’s favourite of all the cars he has! Psst! There’s also this airplane!

Art supplies

I really like the ingredient list of these beeswax crayons.

Aside from crayons, art smock with sleeves could also be a nice gift!


Books are always a special gift, I think. Titles like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?The Egg, and Global Babies.

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