Free Montessori classification cards: insects vs flowers

Spring is in the air! We’re starting seedlings in doors and even are starting to really plan our garden! I’m so excited for the warmer days we are seeing and, ohh, the longer days are so nice!I really like to have more sunlight during the day. I feel so much less pressure to get everything done and have so much more energy. My husband is really affected by the winter days and usually has little desire to do things then. During the spring and summer, we have very long days of sunlight here and it’s very nice to be outdoors more!

I’m so inspired by the birds coming back, the plans for our garden, and just everything about spring! I’m sharing today a small printable freebie for your Montessori activities!

Montessori printables - flowers vs insects classification cards

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Montessori activities: Insects vs Flowers Classification Cards

Age: 3+

Why: These classification cards are perfect for use as pre reading activities for children that are about three years old. Classification cards can also be used to build vocabulary.

Control of error

Each card comes with a vivid image of an object or place that represents an insect or flower, that is easily recognizable. As a control of error, you can consider placing a dot sticker on the back of the cards – attributing one color sticker for cards representing insects, and another color for cards representing flowers.

How to use them

Print the cards on thick card stock or photo paper. I think cards like this last the longest and look the most beautiful when printed on thicker, better quality paper.

Present the cards in two stacks – the label cards and the image cards being kept separate. Have the child sort the cards based on whether they are insects vs flowers.

Get your set!


  • 15 insect cards with name of insect and an image of the insect
  • 15 flower cards with image and name
  • 2 label cards
  • Key

download now

Materials that may enhance this unit

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I hope you have a fabulous day!

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